As the original designer and manufacturer of the vacuum variable capacitor, Jennings has amassed over five decades of proven reliability and quality. With over 500,000 capacitors installed worldwide, Jennings' industry leadership in design and field experience has led to many technology breakthroughs.

Jennings offers a broad range of high power, vacuum, gas filled, and high voltage capacitors. There are a variety of capacitor types available including fixed, variable, and hand adjustable versions; non-magnetic capacitors are also available. All of Jennings' capacitors come with an industry leading three year warranty.

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Other key benefits of Jennings capacitors are:

  • Long life, high reliability
  • High voltage ratings
  • High current ratings
  • High speed tuning
  • Wide tuning ranges
  • Self-healing
  • High altitude operation
  • Compact sizes / low weight

Some of our most common applications include:

  • RF match, semiconductor fab equipment, flat panel display
  • Power amplifier tank circuits
  • Output Pi networks
  • Neutralizing circuits
  • Grid plate block circuits
  • Antenna coupling rejector trap circuits
  • Pulse shaping circuits
  • Feed-through for harmonic attenuation
  • Dielectric heating equipment tank circuits
  • Low inductance, high current bypass applications
  • Non-magnetic circuits for MRI and NMR

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