DC Contactors

With the ever increasing acceptance of environment-friendly technology such as renewable energy and electric vehicles, one product is critical to the safety of the electrical circuit: the DC Contactor. With the consumer now adapting to this new green technology, quality and reliability are paramount in today's emerging markets where performance needs to be optimal.

Product Offering:

Part Series Brochures Drawings Contact Current (A) Coil Options (VDC)
JEV250 JEV250-Brochure JEV250-Drawing 250A 12V, 24V
JEV400 JEV400-Brochure JEV400-Drawing 400A 12V, 24V
JEVB500 JEVB500-Brochure JEVB500-Drawing 500A 12V, 24V

Key Benefits:

  • Its innovative and compact design reduces the weight of the device but still allows for very high mechanical life
  • Minimizing power consumption creates higher power efficiencies for all controlling circuitry, reducing load consumption
  • Operate in critical circuits and applications with the highest reliability and performance
  • UL508 listed and RoHS compliant

Most common applications include:

  • Solar inverters
  • DC charging stations
  • Automotive using DC power systems

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