As the original designer and manufacturer of the vacuum relay and later the vacuum diaphram relay, Jennings has been a world leader in the development of vacuum components. Vacuum relays produced by Jennings are designed to the highest quality and reliability standards, equivalent to those found in standard Mil-Spec ratings, and in fact many of Jennings relays are fully Mil-Spec rated. The reliability of Jennings vacuum relays is second to none; many of these relays have guaranteed life ratings set in the multi-million cycle range. The relays' reliability coupled with their small size and high power handling characteristics make the use of Jennings relays in any mission critical application an obvious choice.

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Common applications include:

  • Vapor deposition etch equipment for semiconductor fabrication
  • RF broadcast transmitters for radio and TV
  • Satellite communications and deep space applications
  • Medical, MRI and heart defibrillators
  • Airborne and mobile communications

Jennings relays feature:

  • Long life, high reliability
  • Low contact resistance
  • High voltage and current carry capabilities
  • High speed switching
  • Compact design

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