Jennings TechNote

Introducing the New Jennings TechNote

We at Jennings Technology feel it is important to provide quality service to our worldwide customers and representatives. By carefully listening to your needs, we have created the new Jennings TechNote to provide continual communication and support while using our products.

The Jennings TechNote (referred simply as TechNote), will feature a variety of topics such as:

General Information:
  • Organizational information & new additions to the Jennings team
  • Website News
  • Press Releases
  • Industry Highlights
  • Policies & Procedures, etc.
Technical Information:
  • New Product Development
  • Trouble-shooting Tips
  • New Application information
  • Maintenance Tips
Commercial Information:
  • Pricing
  • Accessory lists

The TechNote will be sent on a regular basis, and in addition, posted on our website for your convenience.



Capacitance Set Point Stability During Random Vibration Test

Capacitive Discharge

Vacuum Capacitor Testing Procedures

Vacuum Capacitors in Parallel

Vacuum Capacitor Cooling Procedures


DC and AC Switching

Electropolishing Techniques

Handling Guidelines Fixed and Variable Vacuum Capacitors

Installation of Flange Mountings on CSVF-500 Capacitor

Installation of Flange Mountings on CVCJ-1000 Capacitor

Installation Precautions

Jennings PV Family Capacitor
Reaches High Ratings under All Testing Conditions

Jennings Failure Analysis Process

CSV4-1400 Shock Susceptibility Test Report

New Variable Capacitor Ship Methods

New Lubricant Enhances Capacitor Life

Vacuum Capacitor Characteristics

Vacuum Dielectric

Vacuum Relays Switching Characteristics

Jennings Three Year Warranty


Most Frequently Asked Questions



Latching Relays

Power Switching

Pulse Applications

Relay Mounting Methods

Relay Terms

Relay Testing

Relay Timing Characteristics

RF Switching

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