New Variable Capacitor Ship Methods

Jennings Technology designs all its products to be as robust as possible in the environment in which they are used. While we believe our variable capacitors are the best designed and most rugged in the industry, we recognize that there are certain handling precautions that should be followed to ensure optimum performance of the product.

In addition to numerous procedures historically followed in-house, as of July 1, 1999 all Jennings capacitors will be shipped in the minimum capacitance position ("C-min" position).

The "C-min" position is the condition where the plates inside the product are completely disengaged (as far apart as possible), and the turning shaft turned fully clockwise. This positioning of the plates provides balance in the bearing system, and will help to prevent misalignment of the plates due to excessive shock caused by impact during shipping.

When handling the Jennings capacitor after removing it from its protective packaging, please note that the capacitor is preset to the "C-min" position and should not be rotated clockwise. To set the capacitor to its maximum capacitance position, rotate the lead screw in a counter-clockwise direction.

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